Name: Charlie

Occupation: Engineer at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Residence: San Antonio, Texas


About Me: Faith, Business, Technology, Cycling, Fitness, Management, Reading, Hiking

Favorite Book: Paradise Lost, by John Milton

I grew up on a hog farm, located deep in the middle of Pennsyltucky (aka Pennsylvania). Although my family was not Amish, my friends often mistook us for being such. In our part of the woods, schools closed for the start of hunting season, weekend entertainment meant attending the Rattlesnake Roundup, and we affectionately embraced the “redneck” and “hick” truisms.


Growing up in Pennsyltucky, “the town of the $10/hour job,” I was surrounded by unemployed and low-income families. My father was deeply bothered by this. Therefore, he used his pig farm to teach my brothers and I about the value of hard work, and he encouraged all of us to find careers that provided positive contributions to the world.


In fact, one day while building a pig coop with my brother, our household slogan was established to reflect this theme. My brother, always the entertainer, was given the task of holding a board. However, he did not simply hold the board. He talked and talked and talked, until finally I said, “Shut-up! I can replace you with a stick.” Now, this may seem like a harsh comment, but nevertheless it became our house slogan. Our slogan is a reminder to live your life in a manner so that you cannot simply be “replaced by a stick.”