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Will You Marry Me?

by Charles Krouse

I wrote this poem to propose to my fiancé, Grace, while we were hiking in The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. She said yes! We were accompanied by a few close friends, who took pictures, celebrated with us, and made the entire weekend unforgettable. Thank you to our friends, Yoni, Bree, and Brittaney for your support. And to Grace: I love you, and I cannot wait to marry you!

A poem for you, dear Gracie-poo:

Let me start by saying this, my boo,

I bananas bananas feel for you;

Seventy times seven, and then add two,

So many bunches, still I not express

How much to me, you do impress.

Now in this moment, I do requess,

Stand near and lend to me your ear,

And to these words I ask you hear.

So many things I want to say,

So please I ask don’t go away.

Recall in March, our true first date?

Long did I await your “yes.” An eager man,

For two tense days, you made me wait.

When you agreed – Finally! I made a plan

To dine at some Ethiopian eatery.

But weeks it took before a night

We found that seemed to work alright.

Just you and me – now that was quite a sight!

At that time, I admit, I did not know,

How on earth this thing would go.

But now I see that you and me,

Quite clear like one become shall we;

A perfect match, the perfect two,

Me and you, my one and only boo.

Now let me recount some history;

With you, so many pleasant memory.

When Covid first came to the states,

We greatly bum cause no more dates.

At first in China, virus was spatted,

But at your house we cooked and chatted.

I learned your heart, and I heard your dreams.

God first. Then friends, family, and career.

And with these values, to me it seems,

No better woman, than you right here.

From that moment, we together more and more,

And with each passing day, I craved you more,

Twas three months till our first kiss;

You made me wait in terrible un-bliss.

Now these few months have been a blast!

With no one else I want to spend my last.

In the Colorado mountains, that was the place,

Your red dress and pampered face,

What gorgeous scenery and what a gorgeous girl,

Elks and mountainous terrain, and lakes aswirl.

Recall! We raced - a lake at top to see;

Then down the hill again sped we,

‘Cause late to the wedding we could not be!

And recently, in same hotel but separate bed,

To Becca’s special wedding day you led;

So great to see the leaves of northern Fall,

So fun a day and what a ball,

Much fun to ‘splore ‘round Put-In Bay.

Abundant joy, to be with you, my bae:

Your charm, your playful verbal tease,

Your goofy dance, and lovely singing voice,

Of these things, I never tire.

Inside of me, you light a fire.

And forget that time in Arkansas I cannot;

Jess we met, and what a dear,

She soon will travel to some foreign spot.

We pitched our tents and sleeping gear

And when we hiked, no fight did mark our door.

So blessed am I, I thought quite clear,

To find a girl that loves to venture and explore.

And to know you want to travel even more.

Your partner, one and only, I strive to be.

At my side, no one better can I see.

Forget that time in Arkansas I cannot,

I knew it then, you were my lot.

I knew it then, more hikes with you

Is truly what I want to do.

From the first, a cycling memory,

To our last, yours only I will be.

So many traits of yours do I adore:

The first of which, your love of Christ.

And after that there’s so much more!

By your angelic looks I am enticed,

The most blesséd, thankful man am I,

You never cease to amaze my eye!

A sizzling bod with deep dark skin,

With my arms I crave to wrap you in.

The bike you ride so fast and far,

Beat all the men that think themselves a superstar.

Even a hundred miles, you think not grim.

And lest I forget, here I mention run and swim.

These you balance in sweet harmony

With friends, career, and our sweet Lord.

Never is a moment dull with you.

It’s go go go. Never ceasing - I admire you!

To conclude, what do I like about you, dear?

So many things about you that I love:

The first your faith in God above,

And then your beauty and your level of activity,

And despite my flaws, that you put up with me.

How do I want our lives to be?

To love our God and glory all belong to He.

Love like the Son shall be our aim,

And faultless ‘fore Him, us to have no blame.

Words to the church, Paul does this say:

No greater love than yours, Yahweh.

But emulate Christ’s love, I’ll try;

To do it every day that passes by.

No greater aim, to worship Him each day,

Our God will be our one delight,

Because of Him we have no fear or fright.

To mark this day, for you dear Grace,

I thought to ask you at what place?

To fly a plane or use some sign?

How best to say I want you mine?

To ride a bike? Not much appeal.

Of salt and sweat – that not ideal.

Another thought I had, but it did fail,

A candy ring pop, while on this trail?

I think so funny that would be!

But with a gem I choose to honor thee.

A life, I want to spend with you;

I hope you know my love is true.

So with this ring, I propose to thee.

Grace, my darling love, will you marry me?

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